Why A Very Low Calorie Diet Is Important When You Take HCG

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Taking HCG requires some stringent dietary restrictions for it to provide lasting results. The reasons why a very low calorie diet is important when you take HCG is coined around the mode of working of this hormone. These hormones when available at high levels in the blood serve to indicate to the brain that it is time to burn extra calories. While browsing the internet i have found the best 500 clorie diet chart from some HCG weight loss site. Kindly zoom it and save it for personal use.

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The reason for a low calorie diet is needed is to ensure that the calories in the body are highly utilized for energy provision. The hormone HCG works to stimulate production of up to three thousand five hundred calories from the body for burning to produce more energy. This fats will therefore be well utilized if the diet being undertaken is highly restricted in terms of the calories quantity in them.

Foods having a rich content of calories are prone to upsetting the nutritional balance that is needed for effective weight reduction when under use of HCG. When one is under the use of this hormone, it is advisable that the rationing of your meals undertakes a format that includes one vitamin, one carbohydrate, one fruit and one vegetable. The meal for this protocol is designed to supplement key body requirements while minimizing weight gain.

Since the initial working of this hormone is centered about less and less eating, it is only proper that any diet aimed at achieving any desirable results with it be sanctioned in a similar environment. The use of this hormone induces loss of appetite, which in turn forces the body to embark on utilizing the fat reserves in your body leading to weight reduction. The ultra-low carbohydrate diets are intended to enhance its efficiency in burning of stored food reserves in the muscles.

The key requirement during use of this hormone is the consumption of 500-calorie content on a daily basis. This definitely an ultra-low diet in terms of the quantity of carbohydrates ingested. Since the body responds to availability and inadequacy of carbohydrates differently, use of low content calories will prompt the body cells to release fats in the body cells for metabolism and thus yielding the desirable results of weight loss.

The amount of calories that one is supposed to eat during their use of this hormone is also varied depending on the specific stage. The three major stages during which calorie variations in the diet will be significant includes the loading stage which lasts for between two to three days at the onset, the maintenance stage that takes three weeks after the loading phase and the final stabilization face that also takes fourteen to twenty one days.

The initial loading phase requires one to take in more of food to prepare the body for the anticipated hunger phase. The maintenance phase is the key and critical moment when the HCG is administered and the reason why a very low calorie diet is important when you take HCG are evident at this point. The calories intake is restricted to less than 500 for each day, which means eating meals with slim carbohydrate contents is the only way to achieve this.

The stabilization phase involves reduction and abandonment of the hormone during which the diets are controlled and returned to normal. This is the final stage of weight reduction when the results need to have been achieved and lasts for not more than three weeks.